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BusinessKeys International, Inc. is a group of trained professionals who have worked with thousands of individuals to help them discover who they are and what they do best. We help people create individualized strategies for their careers and life.


Engage and Grow - Pastor and staff briefing and discussion

Why we need to Engage outsiders and
Grow our congregations
Pastors and lay leaders today are facing very tough problems engaging younger people in the life of the church, and growing their congregations. This creates discouraged staff, declining expectations, and sometimes declining attendance and resources. Engage and Grow is a process that addresses the five root causes behind these problems.

  1. The younger generations, for the most part, are not coming to church – Unfortunately, the number of younger people coming to church has dropped significantly, and over 90% of youth inside the church have abandoned that commitment within 5 years.
  2. We are in the front end of the largest communication revolution in the history of the world – The effect of this dramatic change is very significant for the church that is in the communication business, amongst other things.
  3. Church building usually stay put, while the community around them may have changed – In this very mobile, volatile world, church buildings stay put, while their optimum community segments may have moved.
  4. Many outsiders have a negative view toward Christianity and the church – Over the decade of 1995-2005+, the image of the church has gone from primarily positive in outsiders eyes, to negative in about 40% of the cases, making it much harder to engage the younger generations.
  5. Inviting to church has slowed down significantly amongst young people – Although it is usually hidden from church leaders, people are very reticent to invite outsiders to church, for a variety of reasons, many of which have to do with our way of engaging them.

It does not need to be that way for your congregation! David Stark would like to meet for about an hour with pastors and their staff to discuss ways that your church can turn this around, or accelerate what you are already doing.

Simply click on the Buy Now button, and register for a $5 briefing ... a 60- to 90-minute meeting and discussion at a pre-arranged time of your choice!

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(Download a .pdf of Business Strategy Keys)

For more than 15 years, BusinessKeys International has provided well-charted strategies to help business leaders navigate their organizations toward success. In the turbulent market waters of the past two years, leaders need both business strategy and leadership guidance more than ever before.

At BusinessKeys, we work with organizations that:

  • Have a business strategy that is not delivering intended results
  • Need to make quick strategic leadership decisions in response to the new market reality — for both short-term performance and long-term results
  • Enjoyed many years of growth, but have leveled off or are losing ground
  • Find themselves in a great position to consider expansion, but need to think strategically about new areas of opportunity
  • Want advice on how to take advantage of the economic recovery.

We customize our work to an organization’s situation, Considering both internal and external needs and business conditions. Some of our more common deliverables are:

  • Refreshed business strategies and vision frame
  • Business process mapping and design/redesign
  • Corporate life cycle analysis and an actionable leadership road map
  • Market segment analysis and business development scenario planning
  • Corporate culture and cultural style analysis, and market discipline alignment recommendations
  • Differentiating Value clarification.

In addition to providing comprehensive recommendations, we help leaders implement the necessary organizational changes. Recent successes include the following:

  • Expanded an organization’s impact by guiding leaders to acquire a complimentary best-in-class brand
  • Crafted a strategic plan that doubled an organization’s revenue within three years
  • Guided an organization’s leadership through the cultural changes necessary to move it from a flat-lined operation back into double-digit growth
  • Redesigned business processes to clarify an organization’s strategic purpose and create a targeted leadership action plan.
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