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Culture & Team Strategies
CultureKeys Team Deliverables

Talent Identification — Identify natural talents and define what each person does well.
Roles — Clarify role descriptions and evaluate individual fit to their current or potential job description.
Development Plans — Individual growth plans to develop talents, skills, and knowledge for improved performance in current role and/or to prepare for future opportunities.

Personality Type — Understand the style of each individual and how those styles interact with each other.
Team Communication & Conflict Resolution — Understand individual styles and tackle team interaction and resolution processes.
Culture — Assess Market Model / Core Culture alignment with individual profiles.
Value Identification — Sort out the top level business values that define the organization.
Value Accountability — The processes to monitor the actual use of these values within the organization.

Passion/Mission/ Goal Clarity — Clarify personal goals and passions in the business.
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Culture & Team Strategies
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